Welcome to Singing Crane!

Photography and Original Music by Don Bradbury.

"Photography has become a great part of my life. It inspires a certain sense of creativity that motivates me to try and capture amazing photos. I travel a lot so I try to find ways to occupy my time when I am not on the clock. Being on the road provides some great opportunities to take really nice photos so I always try to have my camera with me no matter where I go. To me, nothing goes better with photography or art than music. I have been passionate about music for a long time...it is so gratifying to be able to create something from virtually nothing. On this site you will find a photo gallery and pop-out music player as well as a collection of photos avaliable on 500px.com. I hope you enjoy looking through my photography and listening to the music I created as much as I enjoyed doing them!"

- Don Bradbury

Photography Music and Artwork ©2012 Don Bradbury